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5 Must-Know Things About Installing Suspension Before Heading Off-road

Get your car's lift kit installed properly before heading off-road

Every 4 wheel drive owner pays attention to aftermarket modifications like suspension lifts! Car suspension lift kits don’t just give a vehicle a facelift; they also improve a number of its characteristics and performance. And in some cases it’s a must have when you’re about to head offroad and go camping in the outback.

Along with giving you the wonderful experience of driving an elevated car, lift kits can add a great look and value to your 4WD.

Not 100% confident?

Adding a lift kit to your car is not an easy process, especially considering how expensive and unique the parts and components are. Not only that, you need to know exactly what you’re doing because every 4WD and lift kit is different. Our advice is unless you’re 100% confident in your skills, then it’s a good idea to get your lift kit installed by automotive professionals. But before you start looking around, we highly recommend AVR Automotive in Brendale for any suspension installation. They’ll provide you with the best cost to get your car lifted, and are able to do the job without any hassle. We have nothing but good things to say about AVR and we definitely recommend that if you’re reading this article and live in Brisbane to check them out for their logbook servicing as well.


But before you invest in that height boost and make a purchase, make sure you are aware of the five things you really must know.

1. What’s the difference between lift kits?

Lift kits are primarily designed to lift a truck or 4×4 so that it has more ground clearance. These kinds of vehicles need to have their chassis boosted in order to achieve more ground clearance because they are made to be driven on a variety of terrains. This will enable drivers to navigate rocky and rugged terrain without worrying about damaging their undercarriage.

Car raise kits, on the other hand, are primarily intended to add cosmetic value alone, as automobiles are not intended to be driven off-road. So, the main reasons why car owners purchase raise kits are to instal wider tyres and improve the appearance of the automobile.

2. Understand the distinction between a suspension lift kit and a body lift kit

These two types of lift kits differ from one another both financially and practically. It’s crucial to take into account these distinctions in this situation because automobile lift kits just serve to improve the vehicle’s appearance.

Body lift kits are one of the most popular and straightforward types of lift kits since they are known to elevate the car without modifying the suspension. A body lift kit raises your car a few inches while keeping the suspension and wheels at their original height, giving you the necessary lift. Over the vehicle’s original body mount bushings, spacers must be added. Body lift kits accurately maintain the factory suspension geometry and alignment while having no negative impact on the car’s ride or handling.

Suspension lift kits increase the vehicle’s suspension height. The suspension lift kit is more difficult to instal and completely replaces the factory suspension components to give the vehicle a considerable height boost. Additionally, the alteration adds a few more inches of ground clearance, which helps the car perform better off-road and makes room for more aggressive and big tyres. But taller kits may seriously affect how the car handles, making them dangerous to drive on the road.

3. Choose the right lift kit size for your car

The sort of tyres you want to instal and how high you want to elevate your car in order to fit them will determine the type of lift kit you need for your automobile. You can choose a raise kit that fits your vehicle by taking a few factors into account.

  • Car’s year and manufacturer
  • Type of vehicle
  • Wheel offset
  • Diameter and width of a new tyre

To avoid the tyres cutting or rubbing against the car’s structure, you must elevate the vehicle carefully. It is recommended to measure both the wheel diameter and the car’s present clearance for this.

4. Should you use a wheel adaptor/spacer

When putting a raise kit on your vehicle, as opposed to a truck or 4WD, you must decide whether or not you also need to employ wheel adaptors or spacers.

When mounting large wheels on your automobile, there may be complications that need the use of wheel adaptors or spacers. This might occur if you attempt to instal tyres that are a little bit bigger than the typical large tyres. The rims may then scrape against the frame or its internal suspension.

In order to make check on this problem, you could buy the wheels after buying the kit.

5. Factors to keep in mind when operating and maintaining a raised vehicle

A vehicle’s driving dynamics are drastically altered by lifting it. You could notice that the vehicle’s handling has changed, especially when turning. Therefore, you must now drive more cautiously to reduce the possibility of damaging your car.

In addition to the standard safety precautions that must be taken, the lift kit has to be maintained and checked on a regular basis. Lift kits are an aftermarket addition to the vehicle, hence the owner is now responsible for their upkeep. Every so often, components should be checked to determine whether any slack has been formed while driving.

Start having fun & head off-road

Lifting your automobile is a passionate and exciting decision, not merely a financial one. And while it may be so exciting to think of the off-roading you can do as soon as your 4WD is lifted, make sure you think of these tips and get your car lifted right. It is essential to think about a number of factors when choosing, installing, and maintaining a raised automobile even before making the decision to buy one since they may have a significant influence on its usefulness and performance in addition to its appearance. I hope the above-mentioned five crucial factors help you make an informed purchase!


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Get your car's lift kit installed properly before heading off-road
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