This is the first in my profiles of Bell Tent manufacturers that will hopeful form part of a Bell Tent Owners Club year book/booklet/fanzine or summit along those lines. Geoff Jackson runs FBA Tent Company. They manufacture a smaller 3 metre “foot-print” Bell Tent that’s better for Festivals where space is at a premium. It comes with an unzippable groundsheet and is only 15kg, so much easier to carry than a larger model. It’s currently being sold for £225 and £20 shipping for UK. Geoff recently got in touch and gave me the following background:

Basically, my wife and I are keen campers of long standing and have been attending festivals and events all around the country for approx 30 years. We started FBA Tent company to sell good quality Bell tents basically as we believe that Canvas is a much better experience than any of these modern fabric tents. One prime example is a chap who bought a 3m Bell tent from us last year, he took it to Glastonbury as a test run and it survived intact, he then took it to Burning man festival where temps went to 40 degrees. He was fine in his canvas tent whereas others suffered horribly in there non breathable domes. As a consequence we are now taking orders from the USA!!

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