I’ve been trying to find out more about the Nordisk Nando Bell Tents. Seems like they have both a 4m and 2.5m one, both with integrated groundsheet (Sewn In Groundsheet – SIG). I hope to find out more about prices soon, but in the meantime I noticed that they also sell a TentWing Tarp that’s diamond shaped.

I think this would work better as a porch than the awning’s available from most of the other manufacturers/distributors not least because it’s made of 285g cotton like the tents and is waterproof. You can see illustration below that shows the difference in shape between a normal tarp/awning and the tent wing one.  I think Nordisk web site could do with more detail on their products and also the £263.24 price tag I found for a Tentwing tarp sounds a bit steep when you consider that Obelink onlt charge € 235 for their basic 4m Bell Tent and € 325 for the one wit Sewn In Groundsheet.

Obelink also have a Tentwing-type tarp that seems specifically designed as a Bell Tent porch for only for £32.75, and they seem to ship these to the UK.

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